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Timon Kokott artist portrai


I am a Germany based artist. Born in 1984 in Bielefeld, a city many say doesn´t exist.
I am an educated scene painter at the Landestheater Detmold since 2003 , and since 2015 I do art for bands.
I learned and practiced traditional painting so this is my weapon of choice,

but I paint digitally, draw and design logos also.

I love working with bands who appreciate my artistic experience and knowledge

and dont try to just "use me" like a tool.
for a long time I never saw myself or felt like an artist but a craftmen doing my commissions,

since painting is my day job also.
Over the years I felt the urge more and more to create my own stuff. At one hand to try out new mediums and techniques to improve my skill, at the other hand to express myself and to process experiences.

Everything we 
see, we see through a
 veil of remembrance

Everything that happened 
to us affects what we perceive.

bio: Mein Profil
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